I have always loved eggplant. This Italian girl loves me some eggplant parm! I even die for eggplant on my pizza… omg! So, when I found Baba ganoush I fell equally in love with this Middle Eastern bowl of yumminess. I am a chip and dip girl from way back so, this delicacy was right up my alley.

I had introduced my Moroccan man to Middle Eastern food since coming to Morocco and he loves it. We have a Middle Eastern restaurant we frequent in Agadir. We enjoy the falafel salad and the hummus. Once day I suggested the Baba ganoush, knowing he also likes eggplant. He said no… Which turned out to be a good choice. We ordered it last week and it was… not so great. It tasted, maybe, pre-made, not home-made. I have to admit that a few weeks before, I made him this recipe for Baba ganoush and he loved it. We both thought my home-made version was way better than theirs. Any recipe that can get someone to love the dish… after turning their nose up at it… and is better than its restaurant counterpart, has to be amazing. So, go ahead give it a try… I bet you love it too!


2 Eggplants egg

1 clove of garlic, minced

Juice of 1 Lemon

1 tbsp Olive Oil

1 tbsp Sesame Oil

2 tsp ground Cumin

1 Tbsp chopped Parsley or Cilantro



  1. Instructions:
    Poke the 2 eggplants and put them in a sautée pan with a little water and steam them. I add a touch of oil to the pan, too.babaganoush2
  2. Take the eggplants from the pan when cool and peel off the skin. They should be coming off very easily.
  3. Cut the skinned eggplants in pieces, put in a bowl and mash them with a fork.
  4. Squeeze in the juice of the lemon, add minced clove of garlic,  Olive oil and Sesame oil, the ground Cumin and mash again with a fork until it’s mixed well.
  5. Add Salt and pepper to taste and mix about a tablespoon of finely chopped parsley or cilantro.

Top with extra olive oil if you like, break out the pita bread, chips or whatever you like and… Enjoy!