When I was a kid, teenager even, I would get yelled at to lift my head when I walked. I don’t know why I always looked to the ground… It’s just something I did. Now, as and adult I know why I look to the ground. Especially here in Morocco. I have to. I need to be sure of where I’m walking because of the issues I have with my feet and ankles. I can’t not watch where I’m going and risk turning my ankle, stepping on something that could slide out from under me or even actually falling and possibly landing on my “new knee”. None of these things would be a desirable scenario for me… so I look to the ground.

Here in the village on my daily walks down the hill to the store, I look down. What I see is unsettling, in a way. Because the area is so rural and even though there is garbage pick up twice a week, the roads and paths are littered with trash. It’s sad to see in such a beautiful place. I remember the road to our place in Costa Rica being the same way, but different at the same time. Here its all apartments. On the island in Costa Rica people claimed their land and built their homes. Every day you would see the women caring for their land, raking leaves, collecting trash and burning a pile of both. Only what managed to make it to the road was left to see. Here apartment living takes away the yard space for the locals and with it maybe the pride of a caring for the property. We are in a giant hill and when the wind kicks up everything goes flying. It would be an uphill battle (literally) to keep the lands trash free.

The other day, I was on a walk looking for things to photograph. I looked up and saw this.

look up you might be amazed at what you find….

It made me laugh and I photographed it. So over the following days I made the conscious effort to look up from time to time while I walked. I was amazed at what I saw. I noticed the beauty of the apartment buildings, their subtle yet ornate architecture, the colors, the trees and flowering plants and of course the clean clear blue sky. All of it made me love Morocco, especially Tamraght, a little more. It gave me a new perspective on my life and where I live. No longer, in my mind, did I live in a dirty little village where no one cared to pick up their trash. Something shifted in my brain, I felt a little renewed and had a little more hope that I was where I was supposed to be in this chapter of my life. Looking up during my walks gave me a different point of view on the things I saw, even from my balcony. When I looked out over the village I was at the same level as the things I was seeing now. Looking at things from their level details get hidden and you don’t see the whole picture. Obviously looking down on everything has it own viewpoint, but from the balcony I seemed to see things from above the same way as looking down while walking. It was only when I looked up on my walks did things change.

Looking up meant I had hope and promise of everything improving for me both literally and figuratively. Not that things were bad…or are bad. Not that I’m not happym because I am. But, at the end of the day don’t we all look to live the best life we can and look for hope and signs that we are doing the right things at the right times? Life in this day and age is full of struggles for everyone, in their own way. So, in looking up, not only what I saw got more beautiful so did my outlook on the days and times to come.

I started writing this yesterday and yesterday I received another surprise and sign that things were looking up. My sweet man took time out of his day to collect my visa extension and get the specific information I need for my civil ID.img_2772 This was a lovely surprise. It’s always nice to know that the person you care the most about thinks of you throughout their day and will go out of their way for you without you even asking. As it turns out, the documentation need does include a background check, but no specifications on having fingerprints. So, once again, I looked online for information and found another post. This one  from the Canadian government. It gives the same information as PrettyKamel… this could be because PrettyKamel is Canadian, but in his blog post he states that his information was gathered from other bloggers. At this point, I’m hoping that the form I filled out online Saturday night will be sufficient. Although, I will be continuing my search online for more information and a way to retrieve a background check without flying back to the US. After all, you can never be too prepared, right?

So, you see things are looking up…and all it took was for me to actually look up to see it. I live in a peaceful, beautiful place where the weather is great. The people around me seem to live and let live and that’s refreshing. I have a man in my life who shows me in his own ways that he loves me, even beyond telling me. I’m starting language classes this week and soon will be able to communicate with the people around me… even if just a little bit. I saw a new little lamb yesterday who was just a joy, and the other day, a mourning dove sat on my window sill, looking at me. Its funny, just a few days before I read an oracle card that told me to watch for signs of my angels around me. I definitely think that dove was one of them… one of my angels letting me know they are around…watching me, guiding me. It’s just another sign that I am on the right path. The synchronicities, the animals, my personal revelations, the shifts I feel within myself… are all just signs that everything is going as it should and to keep looking up.